League of Legends Resources

General Discussion

Just wanna talk about your feelings?

/r/LeagueofLegends — Subreddit for general LoL threads and professional player AMAs or updates
Reign of Gaming — Various topics & general League community

Looking to Improve?

Aren’t we all~

CLG How-To Guides — Videos that provide a general overview or briefly cover a specific topic
/r/LoLMeta — Subreddit for on-topic LoL threads, guides, theory, mathcrafting, etc.
Ult in Ten — Interviews with high-level players
LoLPro — Tons of quality up to date guides
Community Shared Counterpicks — Huge compiled list of counters and why they work
Reflex.te — Mouse precision practice game

Tournament Circuit

Not even close, baby

Go4LoL — NESL LoL revolving tournaments
IvyLoL — Collegiate-level tournaments
League Monthly — Monthly League tourney
MLG LoL Arena — Online team tournaments
Raise Your Weapon — Pac NW tournaments and casting coverage

Stats and Data

Mathcrafting and you

League Wiki — Unofficial LoL Wikipedia
LoLKing — Updated charts/graphs of lane matchups, tools for champion data, etc.


Gives you the warm fuzzies

Demacian Comics — Lol webcomics, fun!


Whatever else seems helpful

CLG Redtracker — Tracks official Riot posts in threads on the LoL forums

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